I don’t know if I’d call myself a gamer girl.  There are so many negative things being thrown around about women in the gaming industry that I think I’d rather just be known as a casual gamer.  Can I play the shit out of Dragon Age?  Yes.  Do I enjoy Life is Strange?  For sure.  Can I snipe your ass from 300 yards away in COD?  You bet that sweet head shot I can.

But here’s the thing.  I’m not hardcore.  I don’t game online and challenge people or play teamo or do MMOs.  I am a solo gamer.  I prefer whatever actions I do to have consequences for only myself.  Which makes it hard when I have a man in my life who only plays MOBAS or MMOs.  I understand the appeal to an introvert like him, but for an extrovert like me, team sports can both be fabulous and seriously suck.  My A-type personality does not compute with your Support/AD Carry bullshit.  I am a leader…but of my own pack.  Solo pack of one.  Am I willing to try out team bits?  Sure. Why not?  But are they my jam?  Probably not.  Enjoy your frustrations at your teammates and their lack of ability.  I’ll go rock Fallout on my own.


One thought on “Games

  1. I find it’s easier not to label myself too specifically. I consider myself a gamer, yes, I just so happen to also be a girl. It’s even more difficult to label myself when my choice in games/game style changes based on my mood and what I want to do that day. Some days, I want to shut out the world, turn off anything remotely related to social media and lose myself in a story line as awesome as “Child of Light”. Other days, I don’t mind teaming up with my friends to play League. So, I’d say to hell with all of the boxes the world attempts to place me in and realize that I simply enjoy video games. Anyway, cool post, I look forward to reading more of your musings.


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