Another Chance

Hello dearest people out in the internet-sphere. I hope this finds you well.

Many, many, many things have changed my life since the new year, so far making 2016 not one of my favorites. But, I refuse to concentrate on the venom in my veins here. Instead, I shall talk of chances and maybe what another one means…to me…to you…to anyone.

Do you believe in second chances? Stop and think about it. Has someone given you one? Two? More? I knoe I’ve been the recipient of a few. Did I deserve them? Maybe. Did I try my best with each one? No. I tried my hardest. Because I cannot always define what my “best” is. And trying my “best” feels a little like a shortcut. It’s as if I were to fail, well. At least I tried my “best.”

But this here, this new year, these new beginnings, they are another chance. Will I maybe screw it up, will I succeed and conquer the world, will I be the person I want to be, will I have learned anything…at all…from everything I’ve experienced? Who kmow?