This world is a hard world. We get up every day and hope for a better day than the last. We hope that eventually our dreams will come true and we will flourish. We also hope to find someone to share this experience with. Valentine’s Day feeds off this, functions off this, and succeeds off this.

In truth, I enjoy the concept of Valentine’s Day. A day, once a year, to celebrate the love you have for another person. However, as many of my friends have shown on this day this year, that love can be a many-headed beast. ¬†As noted before, I have a man I love. This love has been far from easy. I’ve made mistakes. He’s fucked up royally. But we are still in love. We are still together. Despite the blemishes, our connection has grown and strengthened. I cannot say this relationship is perfect, but, as I’ve begrudgingly learned, nothing really is.

I am lucky. But then again, so are you. If you have someone, I applaud you. Relationships are, by far, the hardest thing to manage, learn, love, and live. If you do not have someone, I applaud you the same. Being with yourself is not easy. Society is constantly telling you to find a partner, no matter if you want one or not. If you are content and happy being in a loving relationship with yourself, you are better off than more than half the ones who have another person.

Wherever this Valentine’s Day finds you, be it in bed with the one you love or with the book you love, I pray, dear reader, that you are happy. When it truly comes down to it all, the true message of this consumer holiday should be your happiness. And, for whatever it may be worth, I love you, dear reader, for sticking with me until the wheels comes off.