Silence In, World Without
Silence In, World Without*

There are moments in life when the only sound you hear is that of a fan, a clock, and your beating heart.  I revel in those moments.  I live in a place of noise, work in a place of busy confusion, where if it is quiet, there is an issue.  Moments of silence come few and far between.  Don’t get me wrong, I love what I do and where I live, but I find myself craving just the sound of nothing but white noise.

Where I am from, there are vast expanses of nothingness.  Great fields at the heart of our nation that supply us with food and fuel.  Out there, you can see the stars. You can be alone. You can be in silence.  That is the feeling I miss, the one I crave.  I grew up with it…and being stuck in the world outside the window, where color and dreams lie, it makes my soul weary.  I feel as if I am the girl above, having pushed past the clock and made time my own.  But now I want back in.  That’s always the way though, isn’t it?  You get what you want…but you always want more, or you long to go back.

*Credit to the wonderful artist who gave me inspiration. The work is not my own, but thanks for letting me use it, dear artist on the interwebs.