A Matter of Seconds


I’m not typically one to ponder on the idea of “what if?”  I have often found that idea to cause more harm than good and never leads to happiness.

However, I experienced an event yesterday that made me stop and think about “what if”.  To elaborate, I came about 10 feet and a matter of two seconds from being either killed or horribly injured by a car tumbling through the air at about 40mph.  Witnessing something like a scene in a movie has led me to the “what if”s:

What if the jerk who didn’t let me over had?

What if I hadn’t hit that red light?

What if I didn’t take the few seconds to plug my phone into the charger?

What if I had left work a few seconds earlier?

What if the car had hit at a different angle and hit me anyway?

What if I were not typing this post right now?

I find these questions ponderous, because so much now seems to depend upon the matter of a few seconds, the actions of a few moments, the whims of an idle mind.  To be honest, I don’t know what…or maybe even who…saved me, but I praise the small miracle that has.

This event also caused me to think about my life.  If I hadn’t missed that car, would I have been satisfied with the life I had led?  Would I have left behind a legacy to be proud of? Did I accomplish all I had wanted?  The answers are not easy, but they are mostly, surprisingly, yes. Have I done all I want? No, but I will.

Dear readers, do me a favor. Think on your life. If you are happy and satisfied, then you are blessed and I am glad. But if you are not, which is okay to admit, then I challenge you to try to find and do what needs to be done to change your life for the good.